About us

4 Kids:
Sophia – Currently in the 5nd grade. She loves spending time with friends and art projects.
Roman – He’s 7, and enjoys playing hockey and loves mincraft.
Vincent – He’s 5 and has a mild case of Cerebral Palsy which is mostly limited to his walking.
Castle – Also 5, and into everything.
The twins (Vincent and Castle) are identical twins. While they are genetically identical, they are very different people!

3 Cats:
When Laurie and Mike got married, Laurie had 2 cats and Mike had one cat. So, as a compromise between more and less cats, we agreed to always have three cats. The current 3 cats are:
Belle – Laurie’s second cat, she’s loving, uncoordinated and our oldest
Rose – We got her shortly before Roman was born. She’s had issues, but we’ve got her on Kitty drugs which she is really good at taking, so we get along fine.
Piper – Got her shortly before the twins were born. She’s clever, agile and surprisingly good with the kids. We even call her “Awesome Cat” sometimes…

2 Parents:
Mike – Works at Intel doing validation of the companies flagship client platforms. He enjoys using technology to solve problems, cooking and spending time with Laurie and the kids. He’s on facebook and linkedin. You should be able to guess Mike’s email address too…
Laurie – Spends the majority of her time dealing with the four kids and enjoys a wide range of art and crafting activities. You can even purchase some of her recent work on etsy. She’s also on facebook. You should be able to guess Laurie’s email address too…

1 God:
We believe in one God, who created the universe and tells us of himself in the Bible. He shows us his love for us by sending his son, Jesus Christ to die for the forgiveness of our sins. Without that forgiveness we are unable to live in a way that is righteous before God. But through the forgiveness of Christ, we can be filled with the Holy Spirit and learn by his power to live in a way that is pleasing before God as an expression of our gratitude for his grace shown to us.

We attend Harvest Community Church http://harvestcc.org/ where the Bible and the Gospel of Christ is preached and God is worshiped both in words, songs and actions. We are also involved in a small group from the church who meet at our house weekly to study, share and encourage each other. Mike is involved with the technical ministries on sound and Laurie helps in the nursery on a regular basis.