Installed squirrelmail ( today. Very, very easy install to hook it up to the dovecot imap server on pooh. This gets me access to my home email from work since port forwarding using ssh quit working a while back for some unknown reason.

Also got bluetooth working on my work laptop. The problem was that the driver package from Leveno is an executeable that extracts, but doesn’t run the installer it extracts. I’d manually found the driver in the extracted directory and pointed the Windows XP "New Hardware Wizard" at it instead of running the full installer. After uninstalling the driver and running the full installer, it started working pretty reasonably.

Found out that the Blackberry 8700 also works as a headset device for other bluetooth clients, so I’m now fairly motivited to get a bluetooth adapter for my home machine to try and use the Blackberry as a speakerphone via bluetooth for skype calls. Cheeper and more general purpose then buying a specific USB speakerphone to use.