flash picture frame transfers

Flow for moving pictures from Gallery2 to a flash picture frame. It relies on:
* Cart and zipcart modules in Gallery 2 being installed (http://gallery.menalto.com/) – I’ve installed this on http://3cats.us/gallery
* The MS resize images powertool being installed (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx)

# Add albums to cart
# "checkout" the cart as a zip file (slow action for me)
# Unzip to new directory
# Rotate all photos clockwise (ctrl-a, right-click, rotate clockwise)
# Rotate all photos counterclockwise (ctrl-a, right-click, rotate counterclockwise)
# Resize images to 1024×768 – use advanced to not make copies (ctrl-a, right click, resize pictures)
# Copy to flash drive (ctrl-a, ctrl-c, move to flash drive, ctrl-v)

Why rotate all photos twice? Because Gallery sends images taken in portrait images as portrait, but apparently leaves the "this image is a portrait image" tag/setting/whatever that I assume is in the EXIF data set. So the digital photo frame rotates the image again and that doesn’t work out so good. Rotating the images appears to clear this setting.

Why the size larger than the frame? Because the powertool leaves images that don’t match the perscribed aspect ratio larger than we would like. For example if you tell it to do a 3×2 ratio image to a 800×480, it gives you a 800×547, which the frame still has to resize. I like giving the frame a little more to work with, and 1024×768 makes for a small image with a little extra goodies for the frame to display it nicely.