Interesting quote that I found on one of the GTD blogs (http://www.davidco.com/blogs/kelly/)

"""A foolproof way to create resistance to stretching into new and wonderful places for you is to maintain a sense of over commitment. And one of the surest ways to allow that feeling is to lose track of what your commitments are. The Weekly Review — done regularly over time — awakens your self-regulating mechanism. Knowing how overcommitted you are — really — is very different than being afraid of how overcommitted you are! -David Allen """

I’m definately feeling this right now. I don’t feel like I can stretch out and try new things because I’m too behind on execution of things that need to "get done". And having a todo list with 60+ items just in the "Work" category contributes to a sense of being so far behind that I’m not even sure how far behind I really am.

Seems like I need to do some clearing of the brush and cut away a bunch of stuff either by carving out execution time or decommiting from tasks to get some space clear. This is also true because I’m having trouble getting focused and started executing on "big scary tasks" that need to get done.

All these things seem like they are adding resistance to doing things to becoming exceptional and taking my professional and personal life to that next level.