mProductive review

Tried out the mProductive Blackberry application from Ended up uninstalling it fairly quickly for a few reasons:
* I’ve got a problem where task todo dates get messed up when my BB syncs up to outlook. And worse, once a date on a task exists, it basically becomes unremoveable because the sync keeps coming back. I’ve looked for solutions, but to no avail so far.
* Munging calendar and todo items just doesn’t feel very good. Maybe it is that I haven’t been using dates on tasks as much as I really would like to (see above problem with task dates)
* I have a homebrew system for recurring actions that results in the due date on recovered tasks to be in the past, which throws off the date-based views of tasks.
* I was hoping that the "create next actions" feature would make it faster to go from email to a calendar item or a task item. But at least in my quick trial, it seemed harder and there didn’t seem to be a easy way to set the category on the task, which is how I do my contexts.
* The link related items seemed a bit complex, enough so that I didn’t want to mess with it based on my experience with Karta Mobile where I figured out that simple task association really wasn’t buying me that much. [[2010 August 9 Karta Mobile]]
So I think mProductive solves a problem that I don’t really have, which is focusing a lot of items that need to be done on specific dates. My work model just doesn’t have that requirement. I would like to have that view, but it is available in Outlook 2007. Also, I would need to get my task dates scrubbed out and make some other alterations to my homebrew recurring actions to make that effective. Things that I’m not really willing to do currently as that is a lot of manual work right now.

There are some good things about mProductive. The graphics are really nice. On the subscreens, it does feel a bit cramped, like it was designed for a slightly larger screen and then scrunched down (and I’m running it on a Bold 9000, which has a pretty big screen for RIM). Maybe they will tighten up the UI to get better ROI on all their pixels as they close out the beta.