Pencil case sewing project

I got the idea from a really cool pencil case that I found on a Japanese pen store website. Laurie bought one and I tried to copy it as a sewing project with Sophia. We got some scrap fabric and thread from Leann and put it together in about an hour. It was a bit unplanned and rushed, but we got it done and the results were good enough…

Areas for improvement on the project:
* Project was a bit too advanced for Sophia and I ended up doing a good chunk of the sewing.
* need to set up the sewing machine so that Sophia can use the pedal with her foot
* need to adjust the traction (vertical knob on front) so the stuff gets fed properly
* Laurie’s case really got some key factors right like the evenly spaced pockets, the left side flap notch, the right side flap and attaching the strap to the outside so it pulls the outer flap directly down.
* needed to plan and measure a bit more ahead of time.
* Sophia got bored with the project about two thirds of the way through and it took some work to get her to finish it with me.

What did go well:
* the binding stuff did work OK for most stitches and was highly tolerant from a functional point of view.
* the felt-like fuzziness of the fabric didn’t slip against itself, making it easier to maintain the folds.
* Sophia was quite happy with the end product, which in the end is what matters.