No Child Weekend #1

Went out to Cannon Beach on Thursday evening. Ate dinner at Camp 18, which was quite good. Mike had the stew and cornbread (massive piece of cornbread) and Laurie had the fish and chips which were also quite good.

Stayed at the Ocean Lodge which is a bit expensive. They upgrades us to their little cottage which was very nice.

We finally watched Casino Royal there which was good, but somewhat untraditional for a Bond film as there wasn’t really a ‘supervillan’ and it was clearly being the first in the series from a character development point of view. I really like the new guy as Bond. He comes off as clever, interesting and not as blatently obvious as others.

We hit up Cafe Bella on the north side of town and they were quite good (Oregon Chai served there). The girl at the store looked a lot like Dana. Should have asked her. We had tried the Dragonfish cafe on the southside of the downtown area, but they weren’t really wat we were looking for in terms of chai, or really even tea – not many black options.

Wandered the shops and got a oriental fish windsock for Sophia’s playhouse from Catch The Wind. Had a reasonable lunch at the Lazy Susan Cafe.